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Dirty Little Secrets

The dirty little secret about women’s self defense is that women will more often need to defend themselves from people they’ve met – skeevy neighbors, violent exes, nasty stalkers who happen to be formerly sane roommates – than they will … Continue reading

Emotional Self Care

Excellent, reality-based firearms training — taken before you need it, in hopes you never do — can prepare you to take care of yourself emotionally after a deadly force encounter. How’s that? 1 – Good training helps you make smart … Continue reading

Garden Club Ladies

This article is about and for Garden Club Ladies. You almost certainly know one; perhaps she’s your mother, your aunt, your sister, your grandmother. Perhaps she’s even yourself. When I described this demographic to a friend and asked if they … Continue reading

Safety Nazi

Y’know, sometimes I crack myself up. Came across an old forum post where someone griped about safety Nazis. My response: “The Nazis killed innocent people. Following the safety rules helps us avoid killing innocent people… It’s different.”

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Little old lady

Seems to me that everyone is chasing after the self-defense techniques used by athletic young adults. Not me. I want to know the self-defense techniques that work best for little old ladies, because (if all goes right) someday I will … Continue reading

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Safety rules for dummy guns

An excerpt from a recent newsletter by John Farnam (by the way, if you are not a regular reader of his, you are missing out — and his name should be near the top of your bucket list for firearms … Continue reading

Unpopular Observation

As a follow up to the post titled Dress Around the Gun, there’s this: If you think you won’t have to change anything at all about your clothing choices, comfort, and lifestyle in order to carry a gun on a … Continue reading

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Rule Sets

Newsflash: within the firearms world, people often use different safety rulesets. The most common and most widely-trusted rules come from Gunsite in the form of the Four Rules. Many people have taken the Four Rules and adapted them in different … Continue reading

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