The Cornered Cat
The overlapping, redundant, ridiculously unnecessary safety rules

“But it’s unloaded!” When someone says those words as an argument for not following the basic gunhandling rules, it often means that that they’ve just discovered that the safety rules overlap. And they don’t like it. Why do the rules … Continue reading

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Wigging Out

One of the fascinating things about my job is that I often end up listening to 9-1-1 audio recordings while trying to understand what happened during a criminal event. It isn’t always pleasant or easy listening, but this kind of … Continue reading

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What’s a Holster For?

Came across something the other day that I want to kick around here. To be clear: I would really, really, really welcome thoughtful feedback on this post. Now or in the future. Please do comment and let me know what … Continue reading

Age-old wisdom

Eventually (if we live long enough!), we will all get old. No matter what physical shape we are in right now, the skills, attitudes, and behaviors we are building right now will either help us or hurt us during the very … Continue reading

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Keep the Muzzle Below the Berm

So this week on Fb I posted a challenge that I knew would annoy many people I care about. Posted it anyway — not because I enjoy annoying people, but because it is an important subject that too many people … Continue reading

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Oh my people…

If you’re advertising your CCW class with a picture of a woman pointing the gun at her own hand as she draws, you’re not as qualified to teach that class as you believe you are. If you see an advertisement … Continue reading

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One Piece of Advice

If there were one piece of advice I could give to everyone who keeps a gun around for self-defense, it would be this: GUARD YOUR MINDSET. Teach yourself how to think about self-defense and personal protection. Study good sources and … Continue reading

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