The Cornered Cat
Home invasion

By now, pretty much everyone in America has seen this disturbing video of a home invasion in New Jersey. It happened during broad daylight in a good neighborhood, where a young mom was at home with her two young children. … Continue reading

Education, Training, and Practice

“How often do you train?”  The question was asked on an internet forum, and a look at the answers revealed that most forum members had muddled the difference between education, training, and practice. These are three different words that mean … Continue reading

Ordinary People

The training world has not done a very good job selling the need for training to regular people. Partly, it’s because of the tremendous success some early trainers had in convincing a small segment of the population that training would … Continue reading

Accuracy Class

Yesterday, I took a one day firearms class that I did not “need.” Don’t get me wrong – it was a good class and I enjoyed it. And I fully intend to take more such classes in the future, because … Continue reading

More Ways

Yesterday, I blogged about some ways firearms instructors show they feel responsibility to their students. Today, I’d like to point out that the best teachers know what to do when they hit their own limitations. First, don’t be afraid to … Continue reading

Instructor Responsibility

Here’s the basis of being an ethical firearms instructor: a strong sense of responsibility toward your students. If you don’t feel that strong sense of responsibility, you shouldn’t be teaching. (Or, at least, you should be teaching something that doesn’t … Continue reading

Dry Fire Drill

There are a lot of really cool and awesome things we can do in dry fire. One of the best, and sadly most neglected, thing to practice: ingraining basic safety habits. Here’s how. Drill #1: On target, on trigger. Off … Continue reading

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