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Depressing statistics

Men who are murdered are overwhelmingly murdered by strangers. But more than a third of women who are murdered, are killed by husbands and boyfriends and other people they  know. (See crime statistics here.) This puts a very, very different … Continue reading

“Train as you fight!”

Came across this discussion awhile back, on an old forum best forgotten. Someone posted a picture of a defensive handgun class where students were told to point “unloaded” but functional firearms at each other as part of role playing exercise. … Continue reading

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“No live ammo…”

I get so tired of the “no live ammo in the classroom” chant from people who refuse to worry about bullets going through walls. It has its exact analog in the “always check that the gun is unloaded” chant from … Continue reading

Women’s Shooting Groups – Good & Bad

Quote: “I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” – Edith Sitwell My take: Time for some real talk, here. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and draw up a chair; this might take … Continue reading

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