The Cornered Cat
Instructor Development Qualifications

Getting ready to teach several classes on Instructor Development this year — the soonest one is coming up fast! That class will be held at KR Training in TX and I’m very excited about it. During a longer conversation on … Continue reading

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Gear check!

Here’s a little secret that’s a surprise to a lot of people: carry gear wears out. This is true no matter what kind of holster we use, whether it’s leather or Kydex or hybrid or elastic or nylon or anything … Continue reading

“But did you die?”

Lots of good responses to yesterday’s post about kids and gun safety.  But on one of the private groups I frequent online, there was some pushback from parents who did not want to keep their guns either on-body, or locked … Continue reading

Complacency Kills

By now, you’ve probably seen something about the 2nd Amendment activist in Florida who got shot by her own 4-year-old son while she was driving. The news stories say she was in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck pulling … Continue reading

“Made by a woman for women!”

Saw yet another bad concealed carry product the other day. This one was a belly band type. Let me list the ways this product failed: It failed to protect the trigger from outside movement. The ad suggested people should wear … Continue reading

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