The Cornered Cat
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Rehabilitating Predators

Over on the Chiron blog, Rory Miller mused: Nothing about survival or self-protection or self-defense or whatever you want to call it is difficult or unnatural. This is exactly the problem we were evolved to solve. Not being a victim … Continue reading

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Living in fear

Too many people live in fear. I’m not talking about the fear of crime. I’m talking about the fear of understanding crime: understanding that it happens, understanding how it happens, understanding where and when it happens, and especially fear of … Continue reading

Hold the criminal at gunpoint?

On the video embedded below, you’ll hear a statement from a law enforcement agency about an officer-involved shooting that happened during a traffic stop and you will see the dashcam recording of the events that led up to the shooting. … Continue reading

Build the building

A real-life attack is not the same thing as training for such an event. Training prepares you for something and by definition cannot be the identical to the real thing. I though that was obvious, but apparently, it isn’t. Especially … Continue reading

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Moving targets at 25 yards — FAS Level 4 Handgun (part 2)

Here’s a video that we recorded during the Level 4 Handgun class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle last weekend. It’s a montage of several different strings of fire, a sequence that led students through the following activities: Draw and … Continue reading

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Think while you shoot – FAS Level 4 Handgun (part 1)

Spent the weekend playing in the new iteration of the Level 4 Handgun class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle. Orignally signed up to shoot in the class as a student, but had an issue that kept me from shooting … Continue reading

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Gotta fight for your right to potty…

Today’s Fb post apparently struck a nerve. Over 100 Likes and more than 30 comments in less than one hour. The post? “When I talk to women about their shooting experiences on outdoor ranges, the subject of disgusting, horrible, cramped, … Continue reading

Carry — where?

“Oh, I only carry in bad neighborhoods.” “If I felt I had to carry at home, I’d move!” “I just carry at night or when I’m alone.” “Why would I carry to the grocery store? Or to the hairdressers, for … Continue reading

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