The Cornered Cat
Practicing for Pregnancy

If you and your partner intend to start a family or to expand your family within the next few years, now is the time for you to develop your shooting skills to a comfortably high level. Why? First of all, … Continue reading

Sweetheart Deal!

THIS WEEKEND ONLY (Feb 14, 15, 16) I have a sweetheart deal for you. When you buy one spot in a Cornered Cat class, you get a second seat FREE! Bring a friend and make the weekend twice as fun… … Continue reading

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Purse Carry — Reality Check!

Here’s what a purse snatching looks like. It is a violent crime. A certain number of women are killed every year by criminals who have targeted their purses. To be clear, as far as we know, the woman had no … Continue reading

Kids and Guns

A few days ago on Facebook, I wrote this: “Loving parents teach their children how to deal with the dangers in the world. This includes firearms just as much as it does matchbooks and steak knives and vitamins and power … Continue reading

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Treachery of “No Guns” signs

Wandering around the web this week, I came across this weird little news story: School Officials Are No Fans of Gun Ban Signs. It’s the tale of a school district in Illinois, where there’s apparently much lamenting and weeping and wailing … Continue reading

I Don’t Know

For my instructor friends… Training people how to protect their lives from violent crime is a specialty. It requires ongoing study. It requires a commitment to learn. It also requires a ruthless self-assessment process: what do I know? What do … Continue reading

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