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Wednesday walk around the web

Jennifer tells a story that can help improve your personal safety, and that gives an excellent, excellent counterpoint to an earlier article of mine. She writes, “Slipping notes to bank tellers is not always a bad thing.” Actually, she really … Continue reading

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Standing together

I don’t know about you, but I’m truly tired of bad news and negative thinking. So here’s a little bit of positive action I took recently, something that made me happy to do. It cost me a little over $10 … Continue reading

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Alertness tips

As my buddy Caleb Giddings pointed out on his blog a few days ago (and as I’ve said before), it’s impossible to remain 100% alert and aware every waking moment of every day. No matter how hard you try, you … Continue reading

Pistols as assault weapons

A few days ago, I promised to do my bit to educate people about what’s going on, and why it matters, and how it might affect our ability to protect ourselves from violent crime. So here’s something interesting you may … Continue reading

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Gun control posts

Looking back over the Scratching Post blog, I see that I’ve had a few gun-politics posts over the past few weeks. For those who, like me, quickly get fed up with politics, let me explain a little bit about what … Continue reading

The look

Everyone knows what a serious firearms instructor looks like: bald or shaven head, dark sunglasses, 5.11 pants, black or tan polo shirt. Pictures of these guys all look alike, with shadowy backgrounds and high-contrast mood lighting (yeah, so about those … Continue reading

Cornered Cat firearms training

Women & Guns Magazine just ran an excellent article about one of my classes. If you’re curious what happens in a Cornered Cat class for women, step over to their website and check it out.  

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If you’re concerned about the basic human right to protect your own life, here’s an excellent infographic that makes it easy to explain to others how you feel. At the bottom, there’s a nifty tool where you can enter your … Continue reading

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