The Cornered Cat
Warning Shots

First, the news: Man Arrested for Firing a Warning Shot at 9 Men Threatening to Rape His Fiancee. That’s pretty much the entire story right there in the headline, but do follow the link and watch the video which includes … Continue reading

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Tab clearing

Lots of food for thought here. If you only have time to read one of these, take the first one. It’s vital. Five NEVERs of Self Defense. Normally, I’m not a big fan of “always” or “never.” But the five … Continue reading

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XD Loaded Chamber Indicator pictures

Answering a question that came up on Facebook about how readily visible the loaded chamber indicator might be to others. A picture is worth a thousand and all that… The first picture shows a gun that is probably not loaded … Continue reading

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Clearing the clutter out of my brain and tabs… If you live in WA state, please vote — and please vote against 594. It’s a bad law. As it’s written, it would make felons out of most firearms instructors and … Continue reading

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Myth-tical theories: Getting Sued

Some folks out there have the apparent impression that dead guys can’t sue. This is not true except in the most narrow technical sense. Dead guys sue people all the time — or rather, their estates do. And so do … Continue reading

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