The Cornered Cat
Just in Case

Several years ago, my friends and I went through a season that I privately thought of as “the summer of the broken bones.” During that summer, two of my friends had shoulder surgery. Another friend had carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgeons … Continue reading

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“Am I good enough to take a class?”

When I was a kid, my mom would sign us up for swimming lessons every year right after school got out for summer vacation. For a couple of weeks every summer, if you went down to our town’s public swimming … Continue reading

Like a Glock, Only Smaller

Had a good day today at SHOT Show – or more technically, at Media Day at the Range, which is the pre-SHOT Show event for (what else?) media people. The event allows us to shoot some of the guns being … Continue reading

It’s Not About the Gun

Concealed carry isn’t just about lugging a gun around with you. In fact, at its most basic level, it isn’t about carrying a gun at all. Carrying a gun is just something we do so that we’re able to do … Continue reading

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The Life-Affirming Lessons of Self Defense

Especially during the holidays and as we begin the new year, when someone asks what I do for a living and I reply that I teach self-defense classes, some people recoil in apparent horror. “That’s such a downer!” one woman … Continue reading

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