The Cornered Cat
Scary strangers, children, and boundary setting in the grocery store

Today I’m thinking about an important question that I found in a private group on Facebook. Shared with permission and with names obscured, here’s the backstory: To answer the first question you’re most likely to ask after reading the above: … Continue reading

Yeowch…? Small guns and new shooters

A lot of times what happens is this: in the gunstore, small guns feel pretty good in most people’s hands. New shooters aren’t (as) scared of small guns, because they seem so cute and non-intimidating. Plus of course, when you’re … Continue reading

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Which certifications make a qualified firearms instructor?

From my email box: “Ms. Jackson, In selecting a qualified firearms instructor, what certifications, etc. should one look for?” My answer: The short answer is, if you’re looking for a good teacher you can trust, don’t look for specific certificates … Continue reading

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