The Cornered Cat
Training requirement

From Georgia comes a political news story that many in the gun world find ironic: a state representative who voted against a widened concealed carry bill last year, but then applied for a carry permit this year. When his permit … Continue reading

Teach your children well

The post was titled, “Why certain people should NOT own guns.” It caught my eye because I figured it would be a funny (or not-so-funny) story about someone doing something foolish on a public range. It wasn’t. It was actually … Continue reading

Hard to watch

In the video below, you’ll see an incredible event: a machete-wielding attacker literally hacks his way through a locked apartment door. The resident does what he needs to do to protect himself and others in the home. It’s like a … Continue reading

Tab Clearing

So many things to talk about and learn! Check out some of these links for a good dose of brain food today. Ammo advice from the internet’s queen of snark: “If you are a regular shooter, you should know roughly … Continue reading

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How gauche

Injuries from loaded guns usually arise from longstanding bad habits with unloaded ones. Here’s a case in point, a severe hand injury posted by user hunterrwill on Instagram. (Link possibly NSFW for gory pictures. You can see the same pictures … Continue reading

“Don’t talk to the police” — good advice?

Nope. Or rather, not entirely. Even though the “say nothing” strategy works as a good general rule of thumb in most interactions with police, immediately after a shooting the good person who engaged in legitimate self defense should take a … Continue reading

Why going to the range isn’t enough

Bumped into an old friend the other day, someone I hadn’t seen in awhile. She asked me about my life now, and I told her I’d been teaching firearms classes all over the country for the past few years. She … Continue reading

Living with the gun

Both online and in classes, a lot of what I teach is simply how to live with the gun. Keeping yourself and your family safe isn’t just about shooting bad guys, after all. Of course, it is about knowing how … Continue reading

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