The Cornered Cat

Lots of new instructors (and some very experienced ones) suffer from imposter syndrome. What’s that? Impostor syndrome describes a situation where a fully qualified and well-trained individual feels like an impostor or fraud because they think that they have duped … Continue reading

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Looking Around

My Fb feed at the moment is full of trainers talking about “Checking Your Six” and being “Tactically Aware” and doing “After Action Scans.” Most of that is garbage. It is not garbage in the sense of being useless, but … Continue reading

Different Domains

Not long ago, I came across an online video from a well-known trainer, someone I respect, who said some very important and true things. He said that for ordinary people looking for training in firearms-based self defense, there’s little sense … Continue reading

Nothing to Add

“There’s nothing wrong with deciding you are not able to take another person’s life. We all have unique moral principles that guide us. This is why I never proselytize about gun ownership. Having a firearm for protection purposes is a … Continue reading

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