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Joyful journeys

When I first began thinking about getting a gun to protect myself and my family, one of my friends told me she was concerned about me. “That just seems so negative,” she told me. “Like you’re just looking for bad … Continue reading

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Training required?

Since I am such a huge advocate of excellent firearms training, someone asked me if I support state-required training classes — either to buy or to carry a firearm. Absolutely not! Here are three core principles that inform my own … Continue reading

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Target’s last stand

I have a love/hate relationship with target stands. In fact, you might say it was a target stand that got me started down the road to the life I’m currently living. That’s because my first handgun buddy used to take … Continue reading

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A few good men

Oi! So I’ve worked hard to convince people that there’s a value in women-only classes. Apparently, that’s a successful sell, because I’ve heard a lot of people talking about such classes recently. That’s wonderful! What isn’t so wonderful, however, is … Continue reading

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Rereading the “Annie, Get Your Gear” blog post, I’m really struck by something I hardly even noticed the first time around. That is, the people I quoted both assumed that they would only take one class, or “one or two … Continue reading

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Gotta fly

(Note: I wrote this last Thursday morning. Then never had time to post it, what with one thing and another. Here it is now though!) As I write this, I’m sitting on an airplane. Doing a lot of that these … Continue reading

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Yes, Mom.

Conversation with my mother on Monday night… Mom: “I hadn’t thought about putting the gun in the holster being so dangerous.” Kat, teasing: “What, you only just got around to reading my blog post from last week?!” Mom: “No, honey, … Continue reading

Respect, Trust, Growth

This post is mostly for new instructors, but the rest of you can read it too.  😉 Sooner or later, most new defensive firearms instructors come to a startling realization: some people are really, really stupid. I’m talking monumental stupid. … Continue reading

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