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Gotta fly

(Note: I wrote this last Thursday morning. Then never had time to post it, what with one thing and another. Here it is now though!) As I write this, I’m sitting on an airplane. Doing a lot of that these … Continue reading

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All you have to do

It happened again the other night. Someone on my Facebook page (you do follow Cornered Cat on Facebook, don’t you?) made an interesting statement that’s worth discussing here. Here’s part of what they said: “All you need to do is … Continue reading

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From Minnesota comes the news of a burglary, a shooting, and an arrest. I had intended to write a long post about it, but in strolling around the blogs this morning I found one that had already covered it perfectly … Continue reading

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Shoot to kill?

“Should I shoot to kill?” Although the question seems very simple at first, when  people ask this, they might be asking one of two things. First, they might be asking, “Where should I aim?” Second, they might wonder, “What’s the … Continue reading

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Four lies

A few days ago, Marc MacYoung of No Nonsense Self Defense wrote an excellent article that he posted on his Facebook page. It’s titled Four Lies: You, Our Courts and Self-Defense. It’s long, but well-researched and right on target. It … Continue reading

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My email box gathers interesting letters sometimes. One of my perennial favorites: the well-meaning note, usually from an older gentleman, telling me that I shouldn’t use the word weapon. This isn’t unique to me, I’m sure. I guess most people … Continue reading

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In his excellent book, Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected, Rory Miller talks about “glitches.” Glitches, he says, are the things that cause us to hesitate when we should be moving. A glitch can be caused by an unexpected emotional … Continue reading

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Duty to retreat

So here’s a news story for you. This involves a woman who was home alone, watching TV, when a 26-year-old man broke into her home through the bedroom window. Hearing the sound of breaking glass, the woman grabbed her handgun … Continue reading

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