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Purse Carry — Reality Check!

Here’s what a purse snatching looks like. It is a violent crime. A certain number of women are killed every year by criminals who have targeted their purses.

To be clear, as far as we know, the woman had no gun in her purse at the time. If she had…

Would she have been able to get that gun out in time to save herself from injury, as soon as she realized she was being attacked? What do you think?

Sometimes, I meet women who tell me that they carry a gun inside a regular, non-concealed-carry purse — they just keep the gun in its own compartment. Or they put it inside the purse inside a pretty little pouch. Or in a retrofitted holster-type device attached to an inside wall of the purse. My recommendation: if you are going to carry a gun in your purse, make sure you’re using a purse designed to help you get the gun out when you need it!

Having handled many concealed carry purses, and also having handled a whole bunch of “just adapt your regular purse to carry a gun in it” oddities, I have to say that if this woman did have a gun inside her purse, her odds would definitely have been less bad if she were using a purse specifically designed for concealed carry. Drawing from a purse specifically designed for concealed carry works a whole lot better than drawing from one that isn’t. It’s faster, more certain, and much easier.

Even so – on body carry is better. And from this video, you can see why.

2 Responses to Purse Carry — Reality Check!

  1. George says:

    And…situational awareness is even better. This guy was following her for quite a while. Ans she was caught totally unaware when he attacked her. Not sure even on body carry would have helped.

  2. kristi says:

    What happened to the video?!

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