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Escalate the violence?

“If you use a gun, that will just escalate the violence” presupposes two things. (At least two things.) One, it presupposes that using the gun is not effective, or that you’ll use it in an ineffective way. Because if the … Continue reading

I am the very model of …

I am the very model of a modern gun instructor-er, I dress around the gun with polo shirt untucked, yessir. I know the IDPA rules this week, and all the rules historical From Multi-Gun to Nationals in order categorical. I’m … Continue reading

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Dress around the gun

Being told that you may need to dress around the gun sometimes helps when it comes from a person who’s wearing the same type of styles you also wear, especially if they are around your same size and age. Gives … Continue reading


This is my manifesto: I believe that the things I do have the power to change my world. I am not a fan of powerlessness. I believe in agency. I believe that the things I do make a difference. I … Continue reading

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Some time back, there was a news story about a concealed carry person who tried to intervene to stop a public mass murder. He was in a store when he heard yells, screams, and gunfire from the front of the … Continue reading

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Just Joking.

“My wife was doing a demo and she broke a brick with her bare hand. From the back of the room there were roars of laughter because I’d just said, ‘… and that’s why the toilet seat is put down … Continue reading

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Sad but true.

It seems to me that a lot of modern young women would rather tackle the impossible, sysiphean task of changing an entire society and how it thinks, than to picture themselves effectively fighting back and perhaps killing a man for … Continue reading

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Power and Consequences

“Bad stuff happens in predictable places, at predictable times. The targets are predictable and you can simply not be one of the targets. But to follow this advice is to cede a certain part of the world to the predators. … Continue reading

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