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Little old lady

Seems to me that everyone is chasing after the self-defense techniques used by athletic young adults.

Not me.

I want to know the self-defense techniques that work best for little old ladies, because (if all goes right) someday I will be one.

And if a technique is so easy to use and so certain that even a little old lady can use it, why would I not learn to use it now?

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  1. larryarnold says:

    someday I will be one

    And it will happen faster than you think.

    Around here we have a lot of ladies who grew up running ranches, and do so well into their “golden years.” Friendly, polite, generous. But don’t mess with them.

    I get them in my license to carry classes. They often bring guns they’ve been carrying for decades, and shooting the heads off rattlesnakes with.

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