The Cornered Cat
Unpopular Observation

As a follow up to the post titled Dress Around the Gun, there’s this:

If you think you won’t have to change anything at all about your clothing choices, comfort, and lifestyle in order to carry a gun on a regular basis — you’re wrong. You will have to change some things.

What type of changes might you have to make in order to fit concealed carry into your life? That depends on you. Maybe you’ll have to start wearing pants with belt loops. (Horrors!) Maybe you’ll have to switch over to wearing your shirts a bit looser than you prefer right now, or add an extra underlayer for your sensitive skin. Maybe you’ll need to change your habits when you realize that your formerly-favorite restaurant has a legally-binding NO GUNS ALLOWED sign, or when you discover that you would rather enjoy the comfort of being armed even if it means saying ‘no thanks’ when someone offers you a beer.

To think that nothing has to change is as foolish as it is to think that everything does.

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