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Top 10 Myths About Self Defense
  1. Self defense starts and ends with owning a gun. You don’t have to learn anything about violence dynamics or how criminals work. Simply own a gun, that’s all.
  2. A woman should never carry a gun because it will just get taken away and used against her. A woman should carry less effective tools instead, like silly little keychain doodads, because those lesser tools are so ineffectual that even a bad guy who can beat her to death with his bare hands won’t be able to hurt or kill her with one of those.
  3. Learning anything about the law will just slow you down and make you hesitate when you should be shooting. Nobody ever hesitates because they don’t know what’s legal; they only hesitate because they do.
  4. You will always have enough time and space to use the same type of drawstroke you’ve practiced on the range. You won’t ever need any empty hands skills for any reason: not to clear the way for a draw, not to protect yourself from a physical attack while you create an opportunity to use the gun, not to maintain control of your firearm if someone grabs for it.
  5. If someone tries to take your gun away, all you have to do is shoot them. That always solves the problem immediately, 100% of the time.
  6. Learning how to protect yourself from an attempted gun grab takes a lot of hard, painful work. You can’t learn anything worthwhile about it in any amount of time that’s measured in anything less than “years.”
  7. Never carry a round in the chamber. That’s dangerous.
  8. You can just rack the slide to show the attacker you mean business. The bad guy will run away at the sound.
  9. Situational awareness means you can never be surprised or taken off guard. You will never fail to see something in real time that a different observer believes they definitely would have seen, and says so as they watch the surveillance video in slow motion for clues to the violent crime they already know is about to happen.
  10. Learning better skills with firearms will make you more violent and less able to solve problems without violence.

Just for the record, none of these things are true.

What myths would you add to this list?

5 Responses to Top 10 Myths About Self Defense

  1. Douglas says:

    women can’t take care of themselves, they need a man, a big burly man, to take care of them.

    once you get to a certain age, you are too old to learn how to safely use a gun to protect yourself and your loved ones, just give up.

    (these are myths that i do not believe are true, just to be clear on what i’m posting).

  2. shellypaints says:

    My favorite; Why do you need self defense? You live in a safe area, going into a dangerous area is just asking for trouble.

  3. Chrysolithos says:

    A gun is more in the home is more likely to be used against you or a loved one then used to defend you ore a loved one.

  4. larryarnold says:

    Non-violent conflict resolution is a waste of time. The badguy will always be a stranger with a long record who is criminally attacking you and everyone will agree he needed killing.

    It will never be the good citizen with a family you have a fender-bender with on the day he’s on his last nerve, your father-in-law with Alzheimer’s, the guy who whatever he says is actually angry with you because your worthless son has lured his virgin daughter into being engaged, or the neighbor you’re feuding with because… well neither of you can really remember why but it’s so totally his fault.

  5. prcek.veliky says:

    haha in Czech is very popular that
    You should shot him to death because then only one testimony and only one story (yours) will appear during the investigation.

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