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Reholster without looking? Grab for a falling gun?

So here’s a surveillance video of an off-duty cop in an elevator, talking to his wife. Apparently, the gun riding in his holster just behind his right hip felt uncomfortable to him, so he took advantage of a private moment … Continue reading

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Safe direction

One thing that often surprises me about firearms instructors is how much we take for granted. This little business of a “safe direction,” for example. We often teach our students to chant the rule (“Always keep the gun pointed in … Continue reading

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Annie, get your gear

A few days ago on Facebook, I posted a question about why there aren’t as many women as men in midlevel or advanced firearms training classes. There were a lot of answers. One of the things that came up was … Continue reading

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Fire Drill

This weekend, I’m hanging at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference. Soooo much good stuff here, with presentations from some of the best serious gun trainers in the industry. There are over 20 professional instructors here, each presenting a 2-hour block of … Continue reading

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Lessons from the headlines #6: How _not_ to check out your new holster

Over the years, several people have wondered why I recommend never putting a loaded gun into your new holster right away. “Wait, what? Did she just say not to use my new holster immediately??” Why, yes. Yes I did. Never … Continue reading

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Is *your* lockbox secure?

True confessions: at SHOT Show this year, I gathered up a lot of information about different types of lockboxes for storing firearms. My goal was to get a few pages going on the Cornered Cat website on this topic. But … Continue reading

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Things change – and a pop quiz

I’ve long been fascinated with the history of defensive firearms training. I like to understand how different shooting techniques started, why they were created, who used them first or most effectively, and how they evolved into something else or were … Continue reading

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Lessons from a mistake

Not long ago, there was an unintentional discharge from a gun in Colorado. Unintentional discharges are rare, but they aren’t as rare as we would like. In this case, a woman wanted to show her carry gun to a group … Continue reading

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