The Cornered Cat
Holster series

I will continue the holster series at another time — if anyone ever asks me about it. Throwing words into the blog feels like flinging them out into a very large empty space, sometimes.

5 Responses to Holster series

  1. TKJ says:

    SO often when we read blogs, it’s easy to forget there is a real person behind the writing who could use encouragement, and gratitude for all her work. I read what you write, and am thankful for all the effort you put into it!

  2. MitchK says:

    I would love to hear more about holsters, please. 🙂

  3. prcek.veliky says:

    Hello, I’m politely asking you for it. That I do not comment article does not mean I didn’t read it. It is useful series for me. Thank you for that. I understand that lack of feedback feels like you described, but I don’t want to post comments like “Great article.” “Thank you.” “Carry on.” below every your post – it looks like I’m payed by you to do it.

  4. larryarnold says:

    Well, if you messed up every now and then, or said things I could disagree with, or gave me a chance to correct bad information, it would be easy to post. But Nooooo. Kathy Knows What She’s Talking About!

  5. Drang says:

    I shared your holster posts in a blog post of my own (as an attempt at “anti-Derp”), and with several co-workers.

    So, by all means, keep up the counter-derp efforts!

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