The Cornered Cat
Coming soon

Later this week, I will have the next installment of the trigger awareness series. If you haven’t already done the first two installments, please scroll down and get them. It really will help your shooting if you practice this stuff.

Meanwhile, I have an excellent question from a friend who wants to know more about what to tell a new shooter – especially a new shooter interested in self-defense. I will tackle that question soon, but meanwhile, I wonder what you think. What would you say? How would you help your friends become more aware of how serious the decision to carry a firearm really is?

In either case, watch this space!

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  1. RabidAlien says:

    One way I’ve found to counter the “oh, well, I’ll just call 9-1-1” is to look up average response times in your area. Then set your watch alarm (or kitchen timer) for that amount of time, and hit “start”. Let them see how long “just 4 minutes” actually is in the real world, how much stuff one can get done in that amount of time, how far one can walk/run (great if you’re discussing this while exercising…”so, how far have we run in the last 8 minutes? A mile? And you think they’re gonna catch this guy?”), etc. Trust me, that 4 minute response time seems like a lifetime when you’re just waiting.

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