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“But *I* am really advanced–!”

Yesterday’s blog post apparently struck a few nerves among the unsafe-but-macho crowd. Here are some of the responses people posted on the Cornered Cat Facebook page. “…once you get to certain levels, it’s unavoidable and not a big issue anymore.“ … Continue reading

“But it’s unloaded…”

So… I’ve spent the last 15 years telling people that if they want to carry a gun to protect themselves and the people they love, they need to get some professional training. But I’m starting to re-think that. Oh, not … Continue reading

11-year-old Saves Friend’s Life

So here’s an excellent, upbeat story about a young girl saving her friend’s life. What’s this got to do with self-defense? Glad you asked! First, self defense isn’t just about guns. It’s about mindset — the mindset that says, life … Continue reading

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