The Cornered Cat

It’s a common accusation — “you must be paranoid” — when someone finds out you own guns and carry one for personal protection.

Happened to me a few months after I first began carrying. Came from a friend of mine and took this form: “Wow, Kathy, that’s kind of … uh… you know. Paranoid. You sure have a lot of fears.”

We talked about it. She wasn’t upset, just worried, the way friends who care sometimes are. So we talked about it. And even though we didn’t see eye to eye about it, it was okay. We got past it.

Maybe a year or two after that conversation, that same friend and I took a road trip together. On our way into the hotel room on the first night, she commented, “You know what? I feel safe when you’re around.”

One of these days, she’s going to figure out that I feel safe when I’m around, too.

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