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2017 Class Schedule

Making new friends, having serious fun, and enjoying moments with a personal coach on the range -- we do it all in Cornered Cat classes.

Making new friends, having serious fun, and learning new skills while being personally coached on the range — we do it all in Cornered Cat classes.

Defensive Handgun Class

This two-day class provides 18 hours of classroom and range instruction, taking students from the shooting basics through intermediate skill levels. Discussion topics include how to choose and use holsters for concealed carry; gun safety; the self defense mindset; and legal aspects of using deadly force in self defense. On the range, participants review the foundations of defensive handgun work, beginning with the fundamentals of grip, stance, sights and trigger control. Once these fundamentals are covered, students learn to draw from concealment, reload, clear malfunctions, use cover, and shoot while moving. Prospective students must be familiar with their own firearms and be prepared to fire at least 300 rounds during the weekend.

Class dates

2017 schedule COMING SOON.

Instructor Development Course

Whether you’ve been teaching for several years or are just getting started in the business, this highly personalized and customizable course will take you way beyond shooting skills development and reveal to you the hidden secrets and insider tricks to becoming a truly great firearms instructor. Topics covered in this course are wide and varied but include subjects like class management, developing a good range presence, creating solid course materials, mastering range safety, getting the most out of your teaching time, principles of adult learning, how, when, and whether to demonstrate shooting skills for your students, the best hands-on way to teach trigger control, how to diagnose a target, dealing with difficult people, and much more!

Class dates

2017 schedule COMING SOON.

Handgun Retention

“You’ll just have it taken away and used against you.” Oh no you won’t! In this four-hour class, we show you how to keep control of your gun even when your attacker is younger, stronger and faster than you — and we’ll do it using techniques so simple even an uncoordinated novice can do it. You do not have to be a young healthy athlete to succeed in this class. Quite the opposite! The harsh reality is that the older, weaker or more out of shape you are, the more likely you are to be physically attacked. Therefore, we don’t teach you how to fist-fight, we teach you how to get out of a fist-fight, fast.

Class dates

2017 schedule COMING SOON.


Don’t see a class near you? Don’t worry! I’m happy to travel and love to make new friends all over the country. Drop me an email to discuss what it would take to get a Cornered Cat class at your favorite range.

In addition to the classes outlined above, I’m also available for speaking engagements at dinners, fundraisers, and other special events. If you are organizing an event for which you need a speaker, please contact me directly for details. You can reach me via an email to pax at Cornered Cat dot com.