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2016 classes coming soon!

Making new friends, having serious fun, and enjoying moments with a personal coach on the range -- we do it all in Cornered Cat classes.

Making new friends, having serious fun, and learning new skills while being personally coached on the range — we do it all in Cornered Cat classes.



Don’t see a class near you? Don’t worry! I’m happy to travel and love to make new friends all over the country. Drop me an email to discuss what it would take to get a Cornered Cat class at your favorite range.


Contact your favorite range and ask them if they’d be interested in hosting a women’s course from an experienced, qualified national instructor. The classes I am offering include:

Cornered Cat: Defensive Handgun 2 Day Class – This class provides 18 hours of classroom and range instruction, taking students from the shooting basics through intermediate skill levels. Discussion topics include how to choose and use holsters for concealed carry; gun safety; the self defense mindset; and legal aspects of using deadly force in self defense. On the range, participants review the basics of defensive handgun work, beginning with the fundamentals of grip, stance, sights and trigger control. Once the fundamentals are covered, students learn to draw from concealment, reload, clear malfunctions, use cover, and shoot while moving. Prospective students must be familiar with their own firearms and be prepared to fire at least 300 rounds during the weekend.

Against the Odds: Defensive Handgun Skills Beyond the Basics — During this action-packed 2-day class, you’ll learn how to stay safe when the odds aren’t in your favor. You’ll learn how to keep control of your own gun if someone tries to take it away from you, and how to safely shoot from awkward positions. Although the class involves some hand to handgun skills and shooting while lying on the ground, this is NOT a ninja warrior leave-bruises-on-everyone ooohrah tough guy rassle in the dirt class. It’s specifically designed to meet the needs of regular people, including those with injuries, older people, clumsy people, and people who don’t spend two hours at the gym every day. If you want to know how well your own carry method (whatever it is!) will hold up in tough situations, this is the class for you. We adapt the class to meet the specific physical needs of everyone who attends.

Handgun Retention — “You’ll just have it taken away and used against you.” Oh no you won’t! In this four-hour class, we show you how to keep control of your gun while you move to safety.

Secrets of Concealed Carry – This three-hour classroom-based exploration of carry options includes hands-on opportunities to check out many different holsters and alternate carry methods using non-firing dummy guns for classroom safety. We explore both on-body and off-body carry techniques, discuss the nitty-gritty details of how to carry in various situations, and place a strong emphasis on finding a practical carry method that fits comfortably into each student’s wardrobe and lifestyle. This isn’t a shooting class, but a terrific opportunity to handle holsters from a wide variety of companies, to explore carry options you might not have discovered yet, and to learn more about making concealed carry work for you.

Secrets of Purse Carry – This one-day class meets the needs of women who intend to carry firearms in their purses. Using role play and non-firing dummy guns (provided), this hands-on course allows women to experiment with different types of purse carry, find good ways to access the guns in their purses, and discover self defense techniques that work well with this style of carry. This is not a shooting class, but (where facilities allow) students will have the opportunity to draw and fire from her own purse under supervision. If you do not have a holstered purse for use in class, you should consider taking the holster seminar before investing in a purse. If you will be carrying in a non-holstered purse, you are welcome to bring it, but we may ask you to use one of our holstered purses for some parts of the program.


In addition to the classes outlined above, I’m also available for speaking engagements at dinners, fundraisers, and other special events. If you are organizing an event for which you need a speaker, please contact me directly for details. You can reach me via an email to pax at Cornered Cat dot com.