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When blog posts get out of hand…

So I started blogging because my Facebook posts were usually too long for the format. Facebook works best with one or two short sentences, but I was often writing two paragraphs. I thought, Well, that’s blog length, so perfect! I’ll start a blog.

Not so fast. Moving over into the blog meant I had a little room to spread out, and I did. Most of my blog posts have turned into half-articles, rather than the two-paragraph shorties I’d expected. Go figure.

In other news, there’s a new article on the site today. It started life as a blog post, but the length got a bit out of control. You can find it on the main Contents page under the title, “How to Watch a Crime Video.

Or just go here.

3 Responses to When blog posts get out of hand…

  1. larryarnold says:

    Information expands to fit the paper available. 😉

    Am I right that the first invader picks up what appears to be the homeowner’s rifle, which was directly behind the two people who came out to see what was going on?

    Excellent article on two levels, (1) using the video provided and (2) how to use other videos. I’m linking it at

    • Kathy Jackson says:

      Thanks for the link. 🙂

      You know, it could be. I thought he was hiding it behind his leg during the struggle at the front gate, but watching it again — that wasn’t a gun in his hand at that point. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened there because the news people did some splicing, but you could be right. And that would sure be a lesson too, wouldn’t it?

      • larryarnold says:

        Just supposing now:
        1. This guy’s got an AR lying around near the door. He has a surveillance system.
        2. Three guys go to the trouble of a home invasion. At least one is armed with a handgun.
        3. The two that step out don’t seem real surprised.
        4. And all the home invaders get is wallets and cellphones?

        Uh, right. I suspect they left with considerably more, but it wasn’t something the homeowner wanted to put on the police report.

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