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Update on ATF’s proposed 5.56 ammo ban

ATF announced today that it will not move forward — at this time! — with its proposed ban of the popular M855 “green tip” ammunition used primarily in AR15 style guns. That decision was driven by the record number of comments it has already received about the issue. More than 80,000 comments came in, and the vast majority of those were against the proposed ban.

The ATF will continue to accept comments through March 16, and it’s still a good idea to contact your politicians about the big picture issues discussed here. You can find contact information for your Senators here and your Representative here.

One Response to Update on ATF’s proposed 5.56 ammo ban

  1. larryarnold says:


    Pretty good for a “small shrinking minority of bitter clingers” in a country where “90% of everybody wants gun control.”

    And no, nowhere what it should be; 8,000,000.

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