The Cornered Cat
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Respect, Trust, Growth

This post is mostly for new instructors, but the rest of you can read it too.  😉 Sooner or later, most new defensive firearms instructors come to a startling realization: some people are really, really stupid. I’m talking monumental stupid. … Continue reading

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Annie, get your gear

A few days ago on Facebook, I posted a question about why there aren’t as many women as men in midlevel or advanced firearms training classes. There were a lot of answers. One of the things that came up was … Continue reading

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Motor program

With the cost of ammunition right now, it’s amazing anyone can afford to practice without getting some good coaching first to be sure they’re practicing the right things. According to Schmidt in Motor Learning and Performance, it takes roughly 300 … Continue reading

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Talking to a woman awhile back, she told me that she doesn’t want to take a class because it costs so much money and she really can’t justify spending money on herself. She’d rather spend her money on her family, … Continue reading

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Seeing the baby elephant

This post is about firearms training, and especially about instructor credentials. Honest. It’s just going to take a weird route to get there. Let me start with a little personal background about something else entirely. I have been pregnant six … Continue reading

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Her hands were shaking and her breathing ragged, rapid. Her voice came out half-an-octave above her usual pitch. I stood next to her, spoke calming words. She fired her first shot and burst into tears. Was this woman working through … Continue reading

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Confidence and false confidence

Start with this: when you want to defend yourself, confidence is a good thing. First, the body language of confidence can deter criminals from choosing you as a victim. If you are chosen, having confidence in what you know and … Continue reading

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Black belt

Awhile back, I was talking with my massage therapist about firearms. ‘Steve’ isn’t really a gun guy, but he knows what I do for a living, so the subject of guns sometimes comes up while he works on my back. … Continue reading

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