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House clearing

Over the weekend, there was a heated discussion on a firearms board I moderate. The basic question was, What should you do if you come home and find the front door to your house wide open? Several people — including … Continue reading

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Self defense is a do it yourself project

It happens almost every class, that someone has trouble learning how to confidently manipulate her firearm. She might struggle with reloading the gun efficiently, or with clearing an unexpected malfunction. It’s not uncommon, because mechanical skills don’t come easily to … Continue reading

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Sunday, we shot the FBI PQC-09 qualifier for keepsies. I’m happy because my practice sessions earlier in the week paid off with a 100% score today. The target looked a little rougher than I would prefer, so I’m going to … Continue reading

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Practice time

One of the things I love about my life right now is that I have friends who call me and say, “Let’s go shooting!” You’ve gotta love that. Last week, some friends and I ran through the FBI QC-09 qualifier, … Continue reading


It seems blogger Robb Allen had stored his defensive handgun for a few months, and when he finally took the gun out of the safe, he found had a problem with rust: Oh, there’s none on the gun itself; I … Continue reading

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