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Vote by mail

My Vote By Mail ballot arrived the other day. If it were up to me, I would go down to the polls and vote in person, but I don’t have that choice anymore. A few years back, my local election … Continue reading

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Taken away and used against you

So a few days ago, I met up with Rory Miller, Don Stahlnecker, and a few mutual friends to discuss handgun retention and disarm techniques. These are the skills that allow you to maintain control of your own firearm or … Continue reading

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Black gun owners

My friend Kenn Blanchard recently penned an excellent article about the social  challenges faced by African American gun owners. Kenn writes: “For many shooters in the black community, gun ownership makes them a pariah.  They deal with gun bigotry, cultural … Continue reading

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A few days ago, A Girl and Her Gun posted this as her status on Facebook: Got a request to post about a site(I have received several recently, some are good). It’s a gun range and the tagline is fun … Continue reading

Do you know how to use a purse?

A word of advice to would-be firearms instructors: If you have never carried a gun in a purse, or drawn and fired from such a purse at the range, you almost certainly do not have the experience to teach or … Continue reading

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Women make better shooters than men … or do they?

Okay, I’m about to slaughter a sacred cow here. I’ve held my peace about this (most of the time) for years, but the time has come to speak out. Women do not naturally make “better shooters” or “better students” than … Continue reading

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What makes a good female firearms instructor?

Yesterday, one of Cornered Cat’s Facebook fans asked: What in particular makes a good female firearms instructor? And how does that differ from just ANY firearms instructor? Although these questions sound simple, they really are not. Let me start with … Continue reading

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