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One more thing to read

My friend Larry Correia, author of many excellent books, also happens to be somewhat of an expert on firearms topics. Not only has he been an avid shooter, firearms instructor, and competitor in years past, he also owned a gun … Continue reading

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It’s about love

So here we are. Almost a week ago, something terrible happened in Connecticut. Sorrow, heartbreak, loss. Bright young faces never to be seen again on this earth. The man who did it… gah. It’s been a rough week for gun … Continue reading

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Four stages of denial

Can’t figure out where I picked this up, but it’s brilliant. If you know the source for these stages, please let me know. The Four Stages of Denial: That never happens. That will never happen to me. It won’t be … Continue reading

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A hero in Clackamas

There were many heroes this week in the Clackamas Mall. As Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts wrote, there were many “stories of genuine heroism that I’ve heard: people helping complete strangers escape from the violence, employees stepping up to protect … Continue reading

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Tears and prayers — and a favor

As I write this, the news reports coming out of the elementary school in Connecticut are not good. My heart breaks for the families affected by the tragedy, and I will be keeping them in my prayers this week. As … Continue reading

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“In asocial or predatory violence, particularly in a predatory ambush, the purpose of presence and verbal skills is to keep you off the victim list. As such they must become habits. You may never even know if they worked. If … Continue reading

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House clearing

Over the weekend, there was a heated discussion on a firearms board I moderate. The basic question was, What should you do if you come home and find the front door to your house wide open? Several people — including … Continue reading

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From Minnesota comes the news of a burglary, a shooting, and an arrest. I had intended to write a long post about it, but in strolling around the blogs this morning I found one that had already covered it perfectly … Continue reading

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