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Lessons from the headlines #5

This happened not too far from my hometown. According to the county sheriff as reported by a local news site, an intruder entered a home where a man and his wife were sleeping. The residents woke up as the intruder … Continue reading

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I keep a running list of blog-post titles and ideas. Some of them are long enough they’re practically posts already and just need to be polished and thrown up there when the time is right. Some are brief and cryptic. … Continue reading

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Lessons from the headlines #4

Two links for this story: the original news article from 2010, and an interview with the victim in 2013 on PJ Media. Go read both (I’ll wait). Back? Good. What we have here is the story of a young man … Continue reading

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Lessons from the headlines #3

News anchors never can resist the bit about “gun-toting grandmother,” can they? Ah, well, we can still learn something. (Do click the link. It includes a good interview with the woman who defended herself.) Here’s the story, and it’s a … Continue reading

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Lessons from the headlines #2

Here we have the story of a Good Samaritan with a gun. Police say this 61-year-old man saw a 48-year-old man chasing a woman with a knife and threatening to kill her. The GS drew his gun and ordered the … Continue reading

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Lessons from the headlines #1

Here’s a news story of a self-defense shooting near a high school in Detroit. A 70-year-old male basketball coach was walking two female athletes to their cars when the group was approached by two men. Police say one of the … Continue reading

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Carjacking attempt

We always have a picture in our heads of what crime looks like, and sometimes it looks like things we don’t expect. Take this story, for example. Not too long after we got married, my husband and I invited one … Continue reading

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Round up

Still working on a few longer pieces, but I don’t want to leave you without reading material. If you’ve finished Larry Correia’s awesome article, take a look at these. Jew Without a Gun. Robert Avrech, a Hollywood screenwriter, wrote a … Continue reading

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