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Tears and prayers — and a favor

As I write this, the news reports coming out of the elementary school in Connecticut are not good. My heart breaks for the families affected by the tragedy, and I will be keeping them in my prayers this week. As … Continue reading

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“In asocial or predatory violence, particularly in a predatory ambush, the purpose of presence and verbal skills is to keep you off the victim list. As such they must become habits. You may never even know if they worked. If … Continue reading

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Just hung up the phone after an excellent conversation with Paul of the Politics and Guns Podcast and his buddy Toby. We slaughtered a few sacred cows today. (They make the best hamburger!) The podcast airs next week, and I’m … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

So many things to be thankful for today, and this year, and this lifetime. As I write this, I’m sitting inside a warm house, filled with family and friends and love. What more could a woman ask for? No duty … Continue reading

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Raffle for Tam’s schnozz

So my net-friend Tamara has a problem: she’s come down with a wee touch of a Bad Thing, and she doesn’t have insurance to cover the cost of surgery and treatment. Her friends have stepped up to the plate with … Continue reading

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Lessons from a close encounter

Last night I added a new blog to my sidebar, called She’s a Garand Gal. I wanted to draw your attention to the story that Garand Gal shares here. There are lots of good lessons in Garand Gal’s story, so … Continue reading

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Well, that was stupid.

So I’ve been reading my buddy Marc MacYoung’s stuff for years, on his No Nonsense Self Defense site. Somehow, I completely missed the fact that he has a blog. And that he posts things on it. Huh. Well, anyway. I’ve … Continue reading

Help a friend out

Weird thing about online life: you can know someone for years, and even think of them as a friend, without ever meeting them. For example, this summer, I finally met a friend I’d known for more than a dozen years. … Continue reading

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