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Sunday thoughts

This week, one of my Facebook fans, Simply Darlene, wrote a very nice series of articles about gun ownership from a Christian woman’s perspective. You can find the series here:

Lest I steal some of her thunder, I’m not going to quote a whole lot here. But I loved this bit from Part Two: “I have run into the midst of a fight with both fists a flyin’ to stop someone from beating up my little sister. Back in high school, I got punched in the face and thusly knocked to the ground by a man who was easily one hundred pounds heavier than me. I scrambled up and when he came at me again, I hit him back so hard that his jaw bones cracked. Thankfully some folks came along and pulled the brute off of me. After that, I learned some self-defense skills and I’ve even dropped a fella to the ground with a whallop to his privates. I’m not proud of these moments, but I did the thing that needed doing to stop the evil thing from winning.”

Go read the whole thing.

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  1. A Girl says:

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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