The Cornered Cat
“Slap his face and walk away”


“I have often wondered why the old advice of ‘Slap his face and walk away’ is no longer taught in response to an insult or a sexual slur.”


Because it’s a terribly bad idea to turn a verbal conflict into a physical one, unless you have the tools, skills, and abilities to win a physical fight.

Further, whether or not you have those skills, if you you were the one who turned it into a physical fight, then you become the initial aggressor. Which means that you will not do well in court, as the other person can then quite effectively and justifiably claim that they acted in self defense when they punched you (or worse) in response to your aggression, and the court will very likely agree with them.


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  2. larryarnold says:


    Depending on jurisdiction, it might also be specifically prohibited. Under the Texas Penal Code, Section 9.31:
    (b) The use of force against another is not justified:(1) in response to verbal provocation alone;

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