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Sweet Potatoes

…models? What kind of experiences have they had that they believe will apply to this discipline? These questions provide you with an excellent opportunity to assess your potential instructor’s background. As you read my comments below, please notice the complete lack of the word “just” in any of my self-descriptions. That’s one of the subtle ways a lot of women tear themselves down, by telling people they are… Continue reading

Awesome women

…bout the entire line of holster products for women, and I was (and am) especially impressed with her new line of pretty belts. Not only are these belts very pretty, they are also sturdy enough to hold the weight of a firearm comfortably all day long without sagging. Although they aren’t any thicker than a normal belt, they’re basically a four-layer sandwich: good leather, a kydex-type stiffener, another piece of leather, and a comfortable inner… Continue reading

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What About Rape?

…nd herself and prevent the rape. Please read the A,O,J article for more discussion about the circumstances in which deadly force is, or is not, legally justified. Lethal force expert Massad Ayoob wrote an article about this for Backwoods Home Magazine some years back. The concepts are as fresh as they ever were, and you can find the article online at… Continue reading

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Hardy Har Har

…sized firearm, and a little attention to safety. Hardly a big deal. Here is an example of the sort of “funny” video I am talking about. (Edit: I’m having trouble with the embed function. The link is Viewing that video of new shooters with viciously unfunny range friends may help us visualize what went wrong for the woman in this news story. “Corredor-Rivera died of a single… Continue reading


…really is a great deal more support for our choices than there used to be. We can see how much social support there is for handguns by looking at a fascinating graphic put together by Jeff Dege, webmaster at Here’s the graphic, which I can post here because Jeff released it under a Creative Commons license. Progress in right to carry, 1986 – 2017. Click on image to see progress animation. Cool, huh? It’s not just… Continue reading

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Less Than Perfect

…o everything 100% right, then obviously you’re blaming yourself for what happened – not simply trying to learn how to avoid finding yourself in that kind of situation again in the future. What did we learn, here?(c) leremy / Stock Photography The world from a growth mindset looks very different. When something goes wrong, the growth mindset does not bother with setting blame or affixing labels or telling you what kind of… Continue reading

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Kids and guns

…l some magic date on the calendar, and as if there were a stark, sharp line between childhood and adulthood. But none of these things are true. Babies are a wonderful way to start people! But people don’t stay babies. They become toddlers, preschoolers, primary and elementary schoolkids, and eventually young adults. At every step along this journey, they become more capable of handling responsibility… if their parents take the time and make the… Continue reading

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Easy way to fill magazines

…e of year, a lot of us have fresh new magazines with super-stiff springs. If you’re having trouble filling your new magazine, try an Uplula loader. These things are like magic! Pink Uplula loader from This type of loader is very easy to use. You simply place it over the top of your magazine, with the front of the magazine facing toward you. Squeeze the loader and push it down firmly, so that it smooshes the follower… Continue reading

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