The Cornered Cat
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Three quotes and a story

…Charley. Arriving at the shop, Charley found the old man carefully oiling and wrapping guns in oilcloth and paper. Charley asked what he was doing. The old smith gestured to a piece of paper on the workbench and said that an order had come to him to register all of his guns. He was to list every gun with a description on a piece of paper and then to send the paper to the government. The old man had no intention of complying with the registration… Continue reading

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Making the Decision

…ng to take the life of another human being? What are my state and local laws governing the use of lethal force? Find out the answers to these and other legal questions if you can. Chances are that your state’s laws are online, and you can look them up. If you have taken or will take a concealed-carry class, ask your instructor about the laws governing lethal force. Read Massad Ayoob’s book In the Gravest Extreme, or better yet,… Continue reading

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Semi-Auto or Revolver?

…s. The truth is that every gun is a compromise. Neither revolvers nor semi-automatics are perfect in all respects. Which one is right for you depends upon what your priorities are, and upon what you are willing to give up in order to achieve those priorities. The list below is alphabetized. It isn’t in order of what I think is most important, because what’s most important to me may not be as important to you. Ammunition:… Continue reading

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…ough to simply put the ammunition to one side, or even across the room from where you are working, because human beings make mistakes. Reloading the gun “by habit,” without really intending to, is one of the more common mistakes made by people who are comfortable around firearms. It leads to a certain number of accidental shootings every single year. Get the ammunition entirely out of the room so that it would require a very… Continue reading

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How to Cure a Flinch

…trigger has broken to the rear, do not take your finger off the trigger for at least two full seconds. Keep the sights steadily on the target and continue holding the trigger completely to the rear while you count one-one-thousand-two-one-thousand. Try to dry fire for at least five or ten minutes every day or so.   Prescription: On The Range On the range, try to do exactly as you have practiced in dry fire. Get the sights lined up on the… Continue reading

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How to write a letter

…hts might be a new task to some. It’s not hard, but there are some basic rules that make the job even easier. The Questions First, let’s get some simple questions out of the way. Where do I send my letter? Start here: From that page, you can easily find out who your representatives are. If you have the time, I strongly suggest using the contact form on each politician’s home page, rather than going… Continue reading

Christianity and Pacifism

…re are a lot of them and if you are willing to do some digging through the dross, you may find a gem that helps you come to grips with your own thinking in this area. You can find these articles at the following link: Another excellent research tool for those who are interested in exploring this issue further is Charl Van Wyk’s book, Shooting Back: the right and duty of self-defense, published in 2001 by… Continue reading

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Can You See Clearly Now?

…y are about a third of the cost of a Oakley prescription set up (one brand that I have used and was quite pleased with, though the price was a bit much). For more detailed information on shooting glasses and this type go to: Lastly – look for “fit”. It’s vital the lens adequately cover enough of the eye area to provide proper protection. This is especially important for the side areas of… Continue reading

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