The Cornered Cat
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Kids and guns

…l some magic date on the calendar, and as if there were a stark, sharp line between childhood and adulthood. But none of these things are true. Babies are a wonderful way to start people! But people don’t stay babies. They become toddlers, preschoolers, primary and elementary schoolkids, and eventually young adults. At every step along this journey, they become more capable of handling responsibility… if their parents take the time and make the… Continue reading

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Tears and prayers — and a favor

…or the next day, or next week. Today isn’t the day for that. In days to come, there will be lessons we can learn from this horror, just as there are lessons we can learn from other types of violent crime. When the time comes to talk about those lessons, I will do everything in my power to discuss the events with honesty, clarity, and compassion. But there is one thing I will not do. I will not name the murderer. I will not link to his… Continue reading

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What About Rape?

…nd herself and prevent the rape. Please read the A,O,J article for more discussion about the circumstances in which deadly force is, or is not, legally justified. Lethal force expert Massad Ayoob wrote an article about this for Backwoods Home Magazine some years back. The concepts are as fresh as they ever were, and you can find the article online at… Continue reading

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“Reasonable” Restrictions

…t be mistaken or untruthfully biased). The first type of information you might seek out would be how concealed-carry laws have changed over the past two or three decades. There’s a wonderful visual about that at, where a little poking around the site will reveal the creator’s data sources so you can judge their quality for yourself. Of course you can find the dry numbers from other places as well,… Continue reading

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Wait for backup

…happy endings. Today, I read in the news about a man who came home from work and found his front door open. He armed himself and went inside to look for a bad guy. He found one, and now he’s dead. (Read the news here:,0,3679823.story.) I suppose some would say that’s a case of “don’t bring a lead pipe to a gunfight,” and… Continue reading

Can You See Clearly Now?

…y are about a third of the cost of a Oakley prescription set up (one brand that I have used and was quite pleased with, though the price was a bit much). For more detailed information on shooting glasses and this type go to: Lastly – look for “fit”. It’s vital the lens adequately cover enough of the eye area to provide proper protection. This is especially important for the side areas of… Continue reading

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You’re wrong about stress

…ren’t true at all. Just as the stress response helps our survival in extreme circumstances, it also helps us navigate the shoals of less outrageous danger and make human connections that see us through the tough times. Watch the TED Talk below with an open mind. It’s a fascinating look at what we know about stress.   Link to video (in case it does not load above):… Continue reading

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Be a bad witness, or Curiosity killed the cat

…solve the problem? “Be a good witness” is lousy advice. We should instead be telling people to pay attention to what’s around them as they leave the area and head for safety. We have to be okay, not knowing the end of the story. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe.   Link to Part 2:… Continue reading