The Cornered Cat
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Depressing statistics

…) one of the reasons it’s not that easy is because leaving the abuser often triggers the most extreme violence of all. Since the title of this post is “depressing statistics,” here’s one: 70% of women killed by abusive partners are killed after they leave the guy. This also puts a different complexion on the whole “more likely to shoot someone you know” debate about firearms ownership and gun laws. If a woman… Continue reading

Home invasion

…ed,” the young mom’s life is clearly in danger. Regardless of what the intruder had or did not have in his hands — they were apparently empty throughout the savage beating on the video — he could have killed her at any time. Any one of those blows could have killed her. So could being thrown, half-conscious, down a flight of stairs. Any reasonable person could see that. As we know, the element of Ability does not require… Continue reading

Christianity and Pacifism

…re are a lot of them and if you are willing to do some digging through the dross, you may find a gem that helps you come to grips with your own thinking in this area. You can find these articles at the following link: Another excellent research tool for those who are interested in exploring this issue further is Charl Van Wyk’s book, Shooting Back: the right and duty of self-defense, published in 2001 by… Continue reading

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Awareness is Impossible

…and serious thought to these factors. When you look for defensive firearms training, or martial arts training, ask the instructor whether their techniques are designed to hold up when dealing with a sudden threat that “comes out of nowhere.” In martial arts, if you always practice defending yourself from an attack you will see coming, and always start from a predictable ready position, then you are not preparing to deal with this… Continue reading

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A hero in Clackamas

…sed on what he knew about his own skills within the dynamics of the situation. After the criminal saw an armed citizen pointing a gun at him, the criminal ran away from the crowded areas of the mall, into a back hallway, and killed himself. Why did he do that? We’ll never know for sure… but historically, in mass public murders like this, many of the criminals kill themselves as soon as good people with guns arrive on scene. Nick… Continue reading

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Wait for backup

…happy endings. Today, I read in the news about a man who came home from work and found his front door open. He armed himself and went inside to look for a bad guy. He found one, and now he’s dead. (Read the news here:,0,3679823.story.) I suppose some would say that’s a case of “don’t bring a lead pipe to a gunfight,” and… Continue reading

What About Rape?

…is not, legally justified. Lethal force expert Massad Ayoob wrote an article about this for Backwoods Home Magazine some years back. The concepts are as fresh as they ever were, and you can find the article online at Notes: Look at the imprecatory Psalms for an example of how to pray for an enemy. It doesn’t have to be sweetness-and-light. There is nothing unbiblical about praying for… Continue reading

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Is Lethal Force a Sin?

…ence (Rom 8:28) for His Glory and testimony for those that are saved…”   My response: I think you’re not thinking quite deeply enough. Take a look at how many times God either killed people directly or commanded that people be killed in the Old Testament. If it is always immoral to take a human life, then God Himself is immoral, because He commanded His people to do immoral things! Since as Christians we believe that God… Continue reading

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