The Cornered Cat
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How to Cure a Flinch

…trigger has broken to the rear, do not take your finger off the trigger for at least two full seconds. Keep the sights steadily on the target and continue holding the trigger completely to the rear while you count one-one-thousand-two-one-thousand. Try to dry fire for at least five or ten minutes every day or so.   Prescription: On The Range On the range, try to do exactly as you have practiced in dry fire. Get the sights lined up on the… Continue reading

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Christianity and Pacifism

…re are a lot of them and if you are willing to do some digging through the dross, you may find a gem that helps you come to grips with your own thinking in this area. You can find these articles at the following link: Another excellent research tool for those who are interested in exploring this issue further is Charl Van Wyk’s book, Shooting Back: the right and duty of self-defense, published in 2001 by… Continue reading

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Awareness is Impossible

…and serious thought to these factors. When you look for defensive firearms training, or martial arts training, ask the instructor whether their techniques are designed to hold up when dealing with a sudden threat that “comes out of nowhere.” In martial arts, if you always practice defending yourself from an attack you will see coming, and always start from a predictable ready position, then you are not preparing to deal with this… Continue reading

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Be a bad witness, or Curiosity killed the cat

…;s around them as they leave the area and head for safety. We have to be okay, not knowing the end of the story. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe.   Link to Part 2: Notes: This is also a good time to practice your ability to clear a misfeed. The clearing sequence is often called Tap, Rack, Bang. When you encounter a snapcap or any other… Continue reading


…ms from ancient times to the present, and the Heller Court held that individual self-defense is “the central component” of the Second Amendment right. – Justice Alito, writing for the majority in McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 3025, 130 S.Ct. 3020 (2010) Self-defense is not only our right; it is our duty. – Ronald Reagan Look, I dunno how to tell you this, buster, but you just can’t go around shooting down light aircraft with a handgun. –… Continue reading

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All About Pepper Spray

…really isn’t a common denominator between these two cans, so which one would be more effective in use? To determine that, you can multiply the concentration (15% or .15) by the claimed SHU (1,000,000). This gives you a common denominator which allows you to directly compare any two sprays for which you have both numbers. Pepper spray is not the same thing as Mace. Or rather, it isn’t always. Mace is a brand name which originally… Continue reading

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Rack the Slide

…izing your gun by installing slimmer grips, getting a grip reduction, or even purchasing a different gun whose grip size is more suited for your hand.   For Lefties Only Left-handers have some special challenges when it comes to running guns which are designed for right-handed people. This is nothing new for us lefties, since by the time any lefty reaches adulthood, we’ve all had years of practice at overcoming such challenges…. Continue reading

Gun Cleaning 101

…ning kit, you will usually find: A bottle of solvent [Image] A bottle of lubricating oil [Image] A rod [Image] A jag (attaches to the end of the rod) A patch holder (attaches to the end of the rod) [Image] Patches [Image] In order to complete your cleaning kit, you must purchase a bore-cleaning brush which attaches to the rod in your cleaning kit. The brush has to be purchased separately because they come in different sizes for different… Continue reading

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