The Cornered Cat
Landowning Nobility & Property Rights

Historically, one of the reasons European peasants were denied the right to own or carry around firearms was because other people owned the land upon which they lived and worked. Peasants owning weapons would violate the property rights of the landowning nobility.

Seems to me that America has been headed that same direction for awhile now. People rent their dwellings from one company, ride to work on buses or trains owned by another company, and work inside office buildings owned by yet a third company.

And in many states, there are laws preventing people from carrying the tools to defend themselves in many or all of those locations — because they don’t actually own the land where they work, or live, or travel.

This means we are slowly drifting toward a situation in which we agree with the royalty and nobility of a bygone era: the lower classes should never be allowed to exercise any human rights that the people who own the land don’t want them to have.

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