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Four lies

A few days ago, Marc MacYoung of No Nonsense Self Defense wrote an excellent article that he posted on his Facebook page. It’s titled Four Lies: You, Our Courts and Self-Defense. It’s long, but well-researched and right on target. It starts out with these words:

I’m going to start by lying to you. In fact I’m such a big liar, I’ll tell you four falsehoods about our legal system, self-defense, and what to expect when you are caught in the meat grinder.

Oddly enough, those four lies are exactly what you need to hear. No lie!

Since Marc posted the article on Fb, it was a bit unwieldy and it wasn’t very accessible to our non-Fb friends. Miguel at Gun Free Zone came to the rescue by pulling the article into a .pdf format, available for easy download. I’d suggest you do so, print it out, and seriously study it. You’ll be glad you did.

Download the article from [here.]

UPDATE: You can read the article online at Marc’s blog [here.]

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