The Cornered Cat
Black gun owners

My friend Kenn Blanchard recently penned an excellent article about the social¬† challenges faced by African American gun owners. Kenn writes: “For many shooters in the black community, gun ownership makes them a pariah.¬† They deal with gun bigotry, cultural alienation and a lack of support.”

Kenn isn’t talking about discrimination against people of color from gun owners. He’s talking about discrimination against black gun owners from people in their own families. As he says, “Discrimination from your own family hurts.” The more powerful the discrimination, the more painful it can be — but that’s not Kenn’s primary point. He goes on to explain what we, as a community of people who care about human rights and human freedom, can do to support new shooters whose backgrounds aren’t necessarily the same as our own.

Go, read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

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