The Cornered Cat

Sometimes a new shooter will ask, “Which is more important for defense shooting? Should I work more on speed, or more on accuracy? Here’s my take.

Both speed and accuracy are important. If you are aiming to defend your own life, it doesn’t matter how fast you were if you miss and your opponent doesn’t. And it  won’t matter how accurate you could have been if your opponent kills you before you get a shot off. You need both speed and accuracy in order to prevail.

Which is more important for you to practice? Remember shooters are all different, and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Shooter A is very, very fast, but sometimes has a problem with trigger control. As a result, she’s not terrifically accurate.

Shooter B is very, very accurate, but sometimes has a problem committing to the shot. As a result, she’s not very fast.

In a gunfight (or in competition), you have to shoot both fast and straight.

If Shooter A practices distance shots, it will help her learn the trigger control she needs to learn in order to shoot straighter. Giving her tasks which emphasize accuracy will help. But giving her a lot of timed tasks won’t help her much, because she needs to learn to work the trigger smoothly. She already knows how to go fast.

But if Shooter B practices distance shots, it’ll mostly reinforce her already-bad habit of going slower than she should. Shooter B will benefit more from moving in way close to practice going as fast as she can possibly go. Moving her back and giving her smaller or more difficult targets isn’t going to help her learn to go faster, because she hasn’t yet learned to trust her shots.

Neither of them is going to benefit from continuing to practice what they’re already doing right .They each need to learn how to do the stuff they aren’t doing right.

The problem is that people tend to overlearn the stuff they’re already good at, instead of working on the dismally depressing stuff they’re not already good at.

Remember that you will need both speed and accuracy, and practice accordingly.