The Cornered Cat
Armed at home

Less than a week after a four-person home invasion ended in the death of one of the intruders, an Indiana prosecutor cleared the homeowner of any wrongdoing. (Read the full story here.)

The 54-year-old male homeowner lives alone, and apparently heard a noise downstairs while he was napping in the middle of the afternoon. According to the news reports, investigators said the homeowner found the intruders had armed themselves with knives from the homeowner’s own kitchen, and that he responded appropriately to the lethal threat. When the shooting stopped, one of the intruders was dead; one was injured; and two had run away to be caught later.

It is tempting to think that criminal danger happens only at night, only in bad parts of town, and never at home. Reality is otherwise. Thank God this man was prepared to defend himself even during broad daylight in his own home.

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