The Cornered Cat
Weight loss motivator

…howed significantly increased reactivity for both cortisol (on both samples) and cognition, including decreased accuracy of our task of spatial processing, selective attention and working memory. These cognitive effects were restricted to the stress response and were not found under baseline conditions. … Our results indicate that, under real-world stress, increased body fat may be associated with endocrine stress vulnerability, with… Continue reading

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Realtor Safety: And They Ask Me Why I Carry?

…the choking arm around my throat. I will not have the opportunity to place that well aimed kick to the groin area, let alone be able to stomp hard enough on someone’s foot to break the bones and run away. I can not be drug into the false security that carrying pepper spray will be my savior. It is reality that I could incapacitate myself with my own pepper spray. As a Realtor, we put ourselves in harms way every time we show a house. Many… Continue reading

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Hard Work

…re the easy questions. Here’s the hard one: Am I myself able to pull the trigger if that is what it takes to survive? Under what circumstances am I willing to do that? Am I willing to do it if it is a young person, such as a drug-addicted teenager who has lived next door to me since he or she was a small child? Am I willing to do it if it is someone I once cared about, such as a violent ex-boyfriend or ex-husband? Am I absolutely sure I want to… Continue reading

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Context Matters

…those skills, may be far beyond what a law enforcement officer might ever expect to need at work. The skills needed by ordinary people are not the same as the skills needed by a SWAT officer managing the planned danger of a drug bust. If a mere display of the weapon isn’t enough, 1 the encounter will very likely demand different skills, and higher levels of skill, than even the most experienced officer will ever exercise on the job. When… Continue reading

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Can You See Clearly Now?

…ction for the eye from the sun. There are three types of UV rays (I’m a very very fair skin redhead, I know my UV rays). UVC – The atmosphere filters UV-C, not a real concern. UVA – The cause of sun related drug reactions. UVB – This type of UV is responsible for sunburn, prolonged eye damage, and many forms of skin cancers. It can penetrate thin cloud layers and up to three feet of water. This is the one that will do the… Continue reading

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