The Cornered Cat
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Caliber Confusion

…smaller, while a smaller gauge number means the internal diameter of the barrel is bigger. Thus, a 12-gauge bore is bigger than a 20-gauge bore. In the past, shotguns were made in many different gauge sizes. Today, the most common shotgun sizes are 12-gauge and 20-gauge. There are also 10-gauge, 16-gauge, and 28-gauge shotguns, as well as .410 bore shotguns. 5 It can be difficult to find ammunition for the less common gauges. The gauge number… Continue reading

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TAE #7: Follow Through

…video of your hands while you shoot. If you see your non-dominant hand relax or even fly off the gun just as recoil begins, it’s almost certainly because you’re one of these shooters with the habit of relaxing your hands briefly just as the shot begins to fire. For all these reasons, a good follow-through helps your ability to get good hits, and definitely helps prepare you to take the next shot quickly. The drill Live fire on the range. Target… Continue reading

My Range Won’t Let Me…!

…whistle or tap you gently on the shoulder to provide you with an unanticipated “GO” signal. Align your sights on target with your finger resting on the trigger while awaiting the signal, and fire immediately when the signal comes. This same surprise-start technique can also be a useful dryfire drill to help maintain good trigger control. Bring your gun up to target level, but aimed off to one side of the target rather than at the center. Then,… Continue reading

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Sight Alignment

…correct relationship to the rear sight. The front sight must be centered in relation to the rear sight. This shot will go to the left of the intended point of aim. This shot will go to the right. This shot will go high. This shot will go low. This shot will hit the intended point of aim. Especially when using big dot sights, be careful not to bury the front sight. Instead, keep the top edge of the front sight aligned with the top edge of the… Continue reading

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Gotta fly

…ble-aught buck.”Similarly, 000 Buckshot is pronounced “triple-aught buck.” ↩ By the way, heavy isn’t the opposite of light when seen on a shotgun ammunition box. Heavy either means there is more shot per shell than one would expect, or it means the shot is made of an alloy that weighs more than plain steel. ↩ If someone wants to take the key out of my sight, I usually smile politely and remain friendly as I… Continue reading

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How to Cure a Flinch

…e trigger. Do not try to figure out when the shot will fire. Let that be a surprise to you. If you need to chant “front sight front sight front sight,” do so. Anything to keep your mind from anticipating when the shot will fire. You want the shot to be a surprise to you. Practice good follow-through. After the shot goes off, continue holding the trigger completely to the rear while you line the sights back up and focus sharply on the… Continue reading

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SHOT Show Day One

…the way, the Outdoor Connection has a fairly decent looking pink range bag with lots of pockets. It looks like it has good functionality at a glance, but I was pressed for time and didn’t take time for a full exam. Here’s a startup company: Everyday Tactical Gear. Tagline offers “tactical solutions for men and women,” and the products are purses and bags. I picked up a very pretty evening bag in a plastic faux croc with a detachable chain strap… Continue reading

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Start smart

…ir practiced technique becomes built into their synapses, until they can finally push the speed limits of these ingrained good habits until they’re flying down the road without any apparent effort. In other words, they don’t start fast. They start slow. Since it’s tacky to always quote your own writing (hey, don’t shame me), here’s another firearms trainer on the same subject. Well-known for several gunfights he was involved with during his… Continue reading

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