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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

…ou bought. Every time you decide whether to practice—is practice enjoyable and meaningful, or a painfully annoying chore?—that decision goes back to which gun you bought. Every time you consider taking a class, or entering a competition, and every time you look for a comfortable holster—yup, that goes back to your gun choice too. Especially if finances are so tight that you can’t just shrug it off and buy a different gun if the purchase doesn’t… Continue reading

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8 Ways to Spot a Bad Self-Defense Product Before It Kills You

…it smelled like “stinky socks.” When the wine’s review went live on that popular website, its sales jumped by 5%. Or try this one, equally funny. After the movie Borat made relentless fun of the nation of Kazakhstan, reported a 300% increase in requests for information about that country. More recently, researchers found that all tweets are good tweets where politicians are concerned. No matter how vitriolic and negative the content,… Continue reading

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Gun Store Miss Adventures

…stry for many years is not entirely immune to such treatment. Tamara Keel wryly comments, ‘I had walked into a gun store, and my pockets were really flush. I was after an expensive 1911. I walked in and I stood at that counter for probably a good 30 minutes. The guys behind the counter milled back and forth, talked to each other, joked around with each other. They were helping guys who walked up on either side of me. I was standing there,… Continue reading

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Unintentional Discharges Project – Part 3

…America having guns in them, and more than 16 million people with concealed carry permits, it would be absolutely shocking if we did not see some of these mistakes happening from time to time. In absolute numbers, these are common events. But as a percentage value, for how often they happen vs how many people own guns and handle them on a daily basis, unintentional discharges are extraordinarily rare. It’s easy to get a skewed… Continue reading

"You Don’t Have to Learn"

…can she benefit. For women with a strong sense of social responsibility and obligation to others, this can backfire. Consider appealing to other-focused thinking instead: “I would like to take this class. Would you consider coming with me to keep me company?” Not only does this neatly sidestep the self-focused trap, it also sounds like more fun. If a joint venture isn’t in the cards, find another way to focus the appeal on the “others” side of… Continue reading

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Buying a Gun

buyer’s FFL dealer and avoid using an FFL at the selling end. When the buyer goes in to pick up her purchase from her own FFL dealer, the buyer’s FFL dealer makes certain the sale is legal on the buying end. The buyer must comply with all the other legal requirements of buying a gun from an FFL dealer: 4473 Form, NICS check, state-issued permission slips, additional required purchases or taxes, and any other local requirements that… Continue reading

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Caliber Confusion

…ure for your shotgun to handle. Shell Length The second most important number you will see on the box is the overall length of the shotgun shell. Not all lengths will feed in all shotguns. The common lengths are 2-3/4 inches, 3 inches, and 3-1/2 inches. The longer the shell, the more shot pellets and powder it can contain. For this reason, shotguns which are designed to load a shorter shell should never be used to fire a larger shell, even if… Continue reading

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“Reasonable” Restrictions

…t be mistaken or untruthfully biased). The first type of information you might seek out would be how concealed-carry laws have changed over the past two or three decades. There’s a wonderful visual about that at, where a little poking around the site will reveal the creator’s data sources so you can judge their quality for yourself. Of course you can find the dry numbers from other places as well,… Continue reading

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