The Cornered Cat
A love-filled rant

Yesterday, I came across something Caleb Causey said, and want to share it with you. Please read this heartfelt (and heartbroken) rant, and think about it. Then act.

Caleb’s rant comes from a place of love and care. And to the extent that it sounds angry and frustrated, that’s just how deep the love and care really go.

All of us who have worked in the personal-protection training field have felt this way from time to time. Not because we’re trying to get your hard earned dollars (go train with someone else; I’ve quit, so don’t try that one on me). We get upset because it *HURTS* to watch people who could protect themselves, who could help keep themselves or someone they love alive, who could have the knowledge and skills to deal capably with a terrible event … choose instead to not get that training, not get that knowledge, not seek out those skills. To stay powerless and ineffective.

It *HURTS* to watch people die unnecessarily, when just a little knowledge and skill on scene could maybe have kept them alive. And it hurts even more to watch people feel helpless when they don’t have to be.

So yeah, the words below are a rant. But it tells some deep truths.

Anyway, here’s what Caleb said:

Hey look!!! “Something you can do!”

Going all King Kong here because I’m angry. And before anyone accuses me of “profiteering” during a crisis… I’ve had this course scheduled since the end of November on my website. I’ve been offering these types of classes since 2009.

I’m absolutely disgusted by anyone saying “What could anyone do?” or “Somebody should do something.” or “There was nothing anyone could have done.” BULLSHIT! Stop thinking that it is someone else’s responsibility to do something. Take responsibility for your own life. Take responsibility for your kid’s life. Take responsibility for the children in your classroom or in your school. Obviously expecting someone else to “do something” ain’t working out for anyone during these active killer events. So stop expecting someone else or some law to do something. Take responsibility!

One option is to learn CPR/AED. Learn how to identify and treat immediate life-threatening injuries. Start carrying some real medical equipment on your person, in your purse, at your desk, in your classroom, in your car, at home, at the gym, or anywhere you spend any amount of time. Why? Because it is impossible to determine when, where, or how many injuries will happen. Mindset and education should be a priority so that you know how to use those tools efficiently.
YOU need to do something!

I don’t care if you take my courses or some of my colleagues’ courses; just get educated in modern trauma management at the basic level.

There is even a nation-wide FREE course coming up at the end of March you could take. There will literally be free classes all across the US that you can sign up for.

Here’s a link to the class from Lone Star Medics that’s coming up in just a couple of weeks: Lone Star Medics class

And here’s the information about theĀ FREE nationwide “Stop the Bleed” events: Stop the Bleed Day

Stay safe. Take care of the people you love.

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